Adaptation to progressive lenses

Progressive glasses are tailor-made glasses, tailored to you and your individual parameters.
Before taking them, we will carry out a number of measurements so that you can see well in them, regardless of what you do and what activities you undertake.
When you put on your new glasses for the first time, you may feel that your vision is different, maybe even strange. It's a natural reaction. Your eyes need to get used to them, which takes up to 30 days.
Wear them as often as possible, yes to speed up this process. If you feel any discomfort after this time, please contact us and tell us what is happening and we will take care of the rest. Sometimes this happens, but don't worry - Your progressive glasses are covered by the Adaptation Guarantee program. The Progressive Lens Adaptation Guarantee Program is what that if discomfort persists, you are guaranteed a free replacement of your lenses with new ones.
An eyeglass lens expert will perform repeated measurements, check where the problem is, and then we will make new progressive glasses for you. Remember that the success of a refraction examination performed in our office depends on your cooperation with the person performing the examination.
Try to make sure your eyes are rested on the day of the examination
and try to answer the questions asked clearly. This is very important because it is based on your answers and assessment of the quality of vision that a new correction of the vision defect will be determined. If it turns out that your eyesight is not able to get used to this type of spectacle lens construction (it happens very rarely), you also have nothing to worry about - we will exchange them for two pairs of glasses - for viewing. for near and distance lenses or for office lenses and distance lenses.