Pre-orders terms

1. Definitions of terms used in these regulations:

    • - Initial Order – a document specifying the pre-booked binding and the initial calculation of the service
    • - Luminaire - purchase item with specific parameters (brand, model, color)
    • - Service - implementation of prescription glasses
    • - Initial order recipient - customer
    • - Paris Optique - service provider/seller
    • - Supplier - a company that supplies glasses
    • - Expiration date of the pre-order - hereinafter referred to as the expiration date. The date until which Paris Optique ensures the availability of the luminaire.
    • - Lens details - information about corrective lenses
    • - Proper order - an order based on a preliminary order, confirming that an order for a service has been placed.

2. Provisions:

    • - A pre-order form is issued to ensure availability of the frame until the expiration date and the initial calculation of the service (not applicable to lenses). 
    • - The initial order is not a confirmation of the terms and conditions of purchase. 
    • - The lens data contained in the pre-order are for informational purposes only and are not binding on Paris Optique in any way. 
    • - Paris Optique reserves the right to change the lenses entered in the initial order for other lenses selected by the customer, 
    • - The pre-order form is not a confirmation of placing an order with the Paris Optique supplier for the service.
    • - Until the date agreed with Paris Optique (expiry date), the luminaire is available in the showroom where the initial order was created for the recipient of the order. 
    • - If the recipient of the order does not purchase the luminaire within the time limit agreed by both parties (expiry date), the luminaire is returned to sale and the recipient of the order does not claim any rights to it. After this date, Paris Optique does not guarantee the availability of this luminaire with the same parameters (model, color). 
    • - Up to 30 days from the date of issuing the initial order, the deposit of the initial order can be used for any purchase (correction or sunglasses). A pre-order document must be presented at the time of execution. 
    • - After the above-mentioned date, the deposit is transferred to Paris Optique's account and the recipient of the order cannot apply for its return or use for any purchase. 
    • - The addressee of the preliminary order can choose a different luminaire for the main order. In such a case, if the price of the actual order is lower than the price of the deposit paid, the difference between these amounts is not refunded by Paris Optique.